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we had a powerful first day in worship and prayer. If you couldn't come to Brussel, you can see our livestream here. On Saturday, 27.05.22 from 9:00 - 22:00 and on Sunday, 28.05.22 from 9:00 - 12:00

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Comunidade Cristã Brasileira,  Rue Henri-Joseph Genesse 11
1070 Anderlecht (Brussels), Belgium

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when does it start? when does it end? when are breaks?

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'RiseUp-Now!' is a prayer movement made up of a body of people with the same heart and vision developed and led by a group of international believers. It was started in response to a call from the Lord in June 2014 that 'this is the time for restoration in Europe; this is the time for Arabs and Europeans to get together to seek My face for Europe'. Those involved are unified together through Christ and in their desire to be a voice in Europe ‘preparing the way for the Lord’ (Isaiah 40:3), bridging the cultural gap between the host nationals and the immigrants seeking new life, survival or their European dream. ‘RiseUp-Now!’ seeks to equip and empower believers from both backgrounds, working together to become a blessing to each other in Europe. As Isaiah proclaimed we desire to be a voice for the King ‘preparing the way’, ‘bringing tidings of good news’, lifting up their voice with a shout’ and bringing ‘comfort’ to the people (Isaiah 40).
For further information, please go to vision page to read more.

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