Our vision is to see national European believers and immigrant believers work together to proclaim God’s ownership of each European land they live in through prayer, networking, and proclaiming the good news to all. (Acts 2:42-41)

Our Vision

We will see the restoration of Jesus’ Lordship over the European nations.

The vision of ‘RiseUp-Now!’ is to see national European believers and immigrant believers within their host country, together, proclaim God’s ownership of each European nation they live in. We believe that together, instead of witnessing European churches closing, believers being silenced, increased polarisation and isolation, we will see the restoration of Jesus’ Lordship over the European nations and those who live there from ‘every tribe and every tongue’.

Our Vision brings with it a responsibility, not just to reach out and ‘bring Good News and comfort’ through words, but also in action and deed. By addressing many of the prevalent and pressing needs that both the immigrant and host city face, we aim to bring change. We seek to help those who are in need; living from hand to mouth, the sick, the outcast, those ostracised and the oppressed. Our vision is for them to experience a better life, through utilising and mobilising the body of Christ in every city.

Our Mission

"The joy of the Lord is my strength” (Nehemiah 8:10)

Our mission for the initial two years of ‘RiseUp-Now!’ is to:-

  • Blow the Trumpet: A call to the church to wake up and take its rightful place once again in our towns, cities and nations throughout Europe. A call to earnestly watch and pray (1 Peter 4:7).
  • Help gather the Ripe Harvest: Taking every opportunity to share the Good News during this period of grace.
  • Make Disciples: Training, equipping and enabling new brothers and sisters in the Lord to be ambassadors for Christ, many of whom are immigrants, and sending them out to ‘prepare the way’ among the host nation and their own people groups, through prayer, mercy ministry and evangelism.
  • Help establish Houses of Prayer.
  • Bringing together local believers in each city: Breaking free from cultural, ethnic, denominational and generational boundaries to pray together in Spirit and Truth, to welcome all who are thirsty from among it’s people, it’s council and leadership to drink from the water of life (Revelation 22:17).
  • See with the Father’s Eyes: Helping the local groups of believers see and respond together to the practical, social and emotional needs of those around them both within the Body of Christ and the neighbourhoods they live in, by seeing each other’s needs and burdens as their own.

Our Method

Blow the Trumpet. Help gather the Ripe Harvest. Make Disciples.

‘Rise-up, Now!’ aims to work toward achieving the Vision and Mission God has sealed on our hearts, through various strategies, tools and means. We seek to work collaboratively and inclusively with established local, regional and international friends and partners.

We aim to provide training through sharing and distributing teaching, media resources and literature. We will establish measurable short-term objectives, which will be reviewed regularly in order to help us be effective in meeting our long-term goals. Some of our methods and tools are summarised below:-

  • Casting the Vision: Leadership meetings to cast, explain and refine the Vision and Mission of ‘RiseUp-Now!’
  • Ownership of the Vision: Encouraging the Body of Christ in key and targeted cities to take ownership of the Vision, re-casting it and facilitating its implementation corporately in the areas they live and serve through both small core group meetings and large prayer meetings.
  • Implementing the Vision: Bringing together believers (both immigrant and national believers) in every European City, for training, discipleship and prayer, empowering them and preparing them to be active in sharing the Gospel, praying for others, healing the sick, counselling and meeting practical needs. It is envisaged that this will be carried out through a range of schools, conferences, workshops and seminars, such as Prayer Schools, Praise and Worship Schools, Prophetic Teaching and Counselling Schools. From out of these schools, an awake, equipped and trained group of believers will be able to use these skills among the lost in their cities to ‘prepare the way’.
  • Social Media: Using social media and the internet we will not only be able to cast the Vision further but will be able to reach many and encourage many in a generationally relevant manner, from school age pupils and university students in their home cities to the families and friends of immigrants in their home nations. Revival meetings, overnight conferences, online broadcasting and interactive training seminars will open the way for multitudes to join in, crossing geographical restrictions and preparing the Bride for the Groom.