RiseUp-Now Rassemblement européen de prière, 9-11 may 2024, Paris

"Lève-toi, sois éclairée, car ta lumière arrive, Et la gloire de l'Eternel se lève sur toi." (Ésaïe 60,1)


Chers précieux frères et sœurs,

Le Seigneur nous appelle, en tant que son Épouse, à nous rassembler à Paris, en France, du 9 au 11 mai 2024, pour construire un autel au Seigneur, en déclarant ces paroles sur la France et sur tout le continent européen.

Alors que la flamme des Jeux olympique revient en France après de nombreuses des décennies d'absence, nous ressentons dans nos coeurs, avec des milliers de personnes de la famille de Dieu du monde entier, que les yeux du Seigneur sont tournés vers la France et qu'Il veut envoyer un feu sur son autel et raviver son Église, et de là, nous prierons pour une nouvelle saison de rafraîchissement pour tout le continent.

S'il vous plaît, rejoignez-nous pour ce temps unique d'intercession et d'adoration qui changera l'atmosphère sur tout le continent, dans le nom puissant de Jésus.



l’Eglise du Renouveau Chrétien
188 Avenue Jean Lolive

Dr. Khaled Leon - RUN 2024 France - Invitation
Paul Rooda - RUN 2024 France - Invitation

Ordre du jour et inscription




14:00   -   15:00

louange et adoration

15:00    -  17:00

Session 1

17:00   -   17:30


17:30   -  19:00

Session  2

19:00   -   20:30


20:30   -   22:00

Session 3


09:00   -   11:00

Session 4

11:00   -   11:30


11:30   -   13:00

Session 5

13:00   -   15:00

pause de midi

15:00   -   17:00

Session 6

17:00   -   17:30


17:30   -  19:00

Session  7

19:00   -   20:30

pause du soir

20:30   -  22:00

Session 8



9:00   -   11:00

Session 9

11:00   -   11:30


11:30   -   13:00

Session 10



Registre Nous vous invitons avec audace à nous rejoindre à Paris durant ce temps pour chercher sa face et lui demander de libérer sa miséricorde sur l'Europe.

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Fadi Krikor

Fathers House for all Nations, Munich Germany

Fadi leads various national and international Christian networks and is the founder of “Father's House for all Nations”, a ministry based in the Altenhohenau monastery in Germany, which also carries out humanitarian and spiritual work in the Middle East.

In addition, Fadi is an entrepreneur in the international energy and infrastructure sector and acts as a consultant to think tanks, governments and religious leaders worldwide.

Milad Botros

From Egypt, living in Germany now

Milad is one of the founders and leaders of the RiseUp-Now organization. He is married to Tabea and has four children.

Milad has a heart for prayer and the prophetic encouraging of God‘s people all over the world and has been Co-leading prayer movement in Egypt for years.

Through His strong teaching skills, he empowers others in the knowledge of the Word of God and is involved in discipleship trainings of the youth in Egypt and Middle East. He has a crucial role in mentoring leaders in local church and beyond.

Dr. Khaled Leon

RUN team coordinator, Egypt

Khaled is involved in the prayer ministry, is IPC (International Prayer Connect) board member and organizes the ``Trumpet call`` - apostolic&prophetic gatherings in Egypt.

He works as a consultant cardiologist in Cairo, is married and father of three children.

He has a special passion to help to build and empower prayer altars and see them united with missions to be released under the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the great commission as well as train, disciple and father the youths - „Daniel Generation“.

Isabelle Stucki

Board member of RUN, from Switzerland

Isabelle has a heart for the nations to see them enter into God’s destiny, through helping the Ecclesia to pray, intercede, be empowered and sent into the world.

With medical missionary background in Africa and East Asia, she is married with 6 children.

Alexander Castell

From Weimar, Germany

Alexander is father of 5 children and has 5 grandchildren. He has been the director of Alpha Germany for a long time. Now he is part of the Prayer ministry of RiseUp-Now.

Dr. Jürg Löliger

Born 1943, Swiss Citizen

Parallel to his professional career as Food Scientist with a large Food company and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology for 40+ years, Dr Jürg got interested for the last 30+ years in building up relations with Christians in the Middle Est and Africa, in making together disciples of all Nations. He is a member of several NGO’s and of the Board of RiseUp-Now.

David Vandeput

President of the Federal Synod of Protestant and Evangelical Churches of Belgium

David is married to Myriam since 1986. They oversee a network of 130 churches called “Antioch Network”. Their passion is the Church and since 2022 David is the General Secretary of the Federal Synod of Protestant and Evangelical churches in Belgium.

Wytze and Ageeth Valkema

Highway Prayer, fulltime intercessors, living in Kristiansand Norway

As a young believer God called Wytze with the words from Isaiah 40: “prepare the way of the Lord.” From that moment he and his wife Ageeth have been praying over the Isaiah 19 Highway, (Assyria, Egypt and Israel) Starting in Jerusalem the vision expanded and in 2007 became a full-time calling to intercede and worship before the Lord. Wytze has a heart to see prayer altars raised up.

Labib Mishriky

Egyptian Worship leader

Labib has been leading and teaching about praise and worship to the Arabic speaking churches all over the world. He has a heart for building houses of prayer all over the Arab world.


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